Well, are you a foodie? Do you love sweet pastries or cakes? Or you are a tourist traveling to places around the world, you will obviously taste the best food that will last for a time and you will crave the taste. So here, let’s talk about some mouthwatering desserts you can try in Los Angeles! If you are a resident there, then you will get to try Key Lime Pie, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, The Elvis or Blondie Sundae. But for the short time travellers, we should suggest the best.

Cheese Rolls from Porto’s Bakery

They are sweet and flaky pastry dough filled with cream cheese. Generally it takes 30 to 40 minutes to prepare them at a temperature of 440 degree Fahrenheit. All pastries arrives frozen and you have to keep them in freezer if don’t bake it immediately. They come with a best-before-date of 30 days.

S’mores Bars from Village Bakery and Café

The desserts in the Village Bakery and Café are homemade but the best one is the S’mores bar. If you love marshmallow in summer then the gooey marshmallow and the graham cracker crust will melt your heart and will feel you with the warmth. The combination of chocolate and the soft marshmallow will win your heart over.

Red Velvet Brownies from DeLuscious Cookies & Milk

Are you a brownie lover? Then I can tell that you do try brownies in various places and forms. Do not ignore as the Brownies that comes with white chocolate chips are very tasty and rich at DeLuscious’s. You can even buy them online whenever you will want and I can bet that you will be willing to eat again after the first try.

Chocolate Hazelnut Babka from Cake Monkey Bakery

It is a sweet bread carefully Filled with cinnamon sugar or chocolate. This has a special place in the heart of the people of Los Angeles. In my perspective all the chocolate Babka has its goodness but Cake Monkey Bakery’s Chocolate Babka is something more than that. They add hazelnuts in the filling as well as in the brittle on top to make for a pastry which is generally nutrella bread.

Though there are lots of desserts which I can enlist here but lastly I must mention the drink.

Hot Drinking Chocolate from Amara Chocolate

Now, do not get confused with the difference between hot chocolate and drinking chocolate. This shop was awarded for having some of the best hot chocolates in Los Angeles. They serve many types of Homemade Drinking Chocolate. They won award for the dark cocoa blend. You should try the Venezuelan Drinking Chocolate which is Rich and Velvety. Oh, another one is the Raymond, which is topped with toasted salted caramel marshmallows.

So that’s it. Above I mentioned only a few from the large list of tasty desserts. You cannot possibly compare between them as they give totally different taste to your taste buds. So whenever you come to this City of Angels, try to find out this places with their bests.

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