Top five yummiest breakfasts, people in US love!


American foods are very popular in the world because of easy preparation and its different taste.

There are more breakfast varieties becoming popular among Americans, but for all the lovers of mixture and tasty ingredients here are few well-known breakfasts:

  1. American Pan Cakes – This food is a combination of flour, butter, milk and egg and a bit of salt with oil. This combination gives you energy to start the day with a full stomach feeling. This pancake can be combined with fruits like banana strawberries or raspberries to add more vitamins in to it. Apart from the nutrients it serves, pancake verities giving you very lesser time of preparation for serving. So it is one of the best breakfasts you can have in American style. Visit here for the recipe!
  2. All American fruit salad – This salad is made to show off the American colors of red, white, and blue in one healthy dish. This is a combination of apple, blue berries, raspberries, strawberries, a bit of honey and lemon juice bit with Greek yogurt. This breakfast give you the feeling of eating your own way with lot of health benefits. All American fruit salad is a combination of vast range of vitamins, calcium and protein which can fulfil your dream of healthy breakfast. Click here to get the recipe!                            
  3. Egg sandwiches – Sandwiches are of the mostly used breakfasts across the world. In American art of culinary sandwiches play a beautiful role. Egg sandwiches are made using boiled or fried eggs, butter and a combination of vegetable dressing. This food gives you higher amount of energy and vitamins per serving and very good easy breakfast for you and your kids. You can combine a cup of coffee in to it to have refreshes in the morning. Here‘s the recipe!                                                                                        
  4. Oat cookies with fresh milk – Cookies have been popular among America for ages but not as a breakfast, but this oat cookie is a new revolution to your food world because it is the best cookies you can have as your breakfast than other types. Oats are incredibly nutritious grain and it contains antioxidants with higher amount of fiber. When these delicious cookies get combined with a glass of fresh milk, it almost fulfils your morning nutrient requirements. And, here is your recipe.
  5. Bread and bacon combinations – When it is about American breakfast it is very difficult to forget about bread and bacon combination. Soft American bread with fried or baked crispy bacon combination is mouthwatering. To make it healthier you can add one omelet and a vegetable or salad dressing to the serving with or without butter. This breakfast consume very less preparation time and very suitable for quick breakfast for busy people. These servings give you high energy and vitamins to fulfill your meal nutrients requirements.                                                   

There are many more recipes to try out in your breakfast meal, but we strongly recommend you to have the experience of a diversified breakfast in US. Those are the best combination for best taste and they also have the maximum amount of nutrients for a serving.

So enjoy your meal !

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