The Power of Vulnerability, a myth?


Does the power of vulnerability really exist?

Is vulnerability really a superpower? Or is it just some new-age trash, the sort of jargon people keep blogging about to make them feel better about themselves?

According to a study conducted by, I don’t know, everyone since the beginning of time, being a vulnerable person has invited nothing but hell in a person’s life. It is one thing to be a nice person, and another thing to keep proving it. Vulnerability is the latter. The fact that you need to keep ‘proving’ your niceness in it self means that you are an  awkward insecure weirdo requiring social validation for everything you do.

All that we have seen, is desperate people being used, abused, and thrown on the side like last night’s stale pasta.






Vulnerability is showing your weaknesses. And showing your weaknesses means losing respect. Not only the crowd’s, but more importantly, your own self respect. It would be easier to endure thousands of labels and name calling than it is to endure loss of respect. The lively voices talking over you seem like an echo in your mind, but one which always ends with, “They don’t care.”

The power of vulnerability? Is it to drown people in your tears, or burn them with your rage? To try and make an emotional impact on a generation who are proudly flaunting their lack thereof? Is it giving the remote control of your life in another person’s hands, where they are both the villain and the hero, and you’re just there…watching the upgrading levels of their game?

Is it being taken for granted? ‘She will always be there for me to fall back on, because she *needs* me.’ Giving the illusion of being there for you, when actually they know exactly what angle they have to bend your mind for their work to be done for them.

Fake is the new tough. Fake is the new ‘mature’.

“Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.”

It is the new age jargon nobody writes about on blogs, but

‘Fake it til’ you make it’, is one of the most useful sentences I have yet read.

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