Lesser Known Useful Travel Tips and Tricks


Traveling can be stressful, a lot of us have traveled at least a couple of times in our lives but it was mostly with our dear ones, our families. Sweet, sweet memories and souvenirs can be made and brought from these fun expeditions whether they are a road trip or visiting a whole other continent across the globe from where you are.

If you are just beginning your very first traveling journey you might find yourself a little puzzled about where to start planning, packing, and just overall preparing yourself for your exciting journey. Those are what I call the three big P’s of traveling. The three big P’s of traveling is only really useful in the early steps of your trip outlining, I am going to present you with a few more advanced or lesser known travel tips and tricks that you might not have thought of before and elaborate on why they are just so, so useful.

Eat right and light

If you are traveling with the help of a flight – or several flights, I highly recommend eating light and to stay away from things that could possibly upset your stomach or leave you hungry sooner than other foods.

Being hungry is a definitive mood killer. The only time I would advise not to eat anything at all before and during a flight is if you are extremely and I mean it, extremely nervous of flying. Throwing up on yourself is a lot more embarrassing than to go through a few hours of fasting – which can actually be beneficial in moderate amounts.

Back to less extreme cases, if you can get away with packing a few dry foods as snacks for the duration of your cruise, you should definitely do that! It happens often that flights are delayed for hours and you would not want to be stuck without anything to munch on in your downtime.

Another reason why I highly encourage you to eat light is that; you simply never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in. It is very possible but rare to experience high turbulence during a flight and you really should avoid being too full as to minimize your chances of having an accident.

Avoid jet lag

Jet lag is a terrible, terrible feeling. Sometimes you might have to travel thousands of miles away from where you came from originally and that can really mess with your biological sleep clock.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than being unable to rest at night or being half-asleep in the morning, it just ruins all of your plans as it wastes sometimes up to a whole day of the time you could have spent exploring your new surroundings.

A trick that you can use to surpass jet lag is to simply try to book your flights in a way that when you would arrive at your destination in the afternoon or evening. That is the easiest way to avoid it, it took me a long time to realize how silly it was to want to arrive in the morning to my destination when I had been flying for ten or nearly twenty hours in a row.  How am I supposed to go exploring my new surroundings if I have been awake for a whole day? Silly me! In that way, you can just throw yourself into bed and sleep away the exhaustion that you accumulated throughout your flight.

Public transportation is a money saver

Now, I can see your eyebrows raising. Yes, public transportation is known to be cheap in nearly every single country that you visit and it does not always go to the destinations that you might have planned to go visit but if you are able to use public transportation, you should not hesitate! Yes, even if you do not speak the language you can get through your voyage quite easily.

With the helping nudge of your smartphone and by the mystical power of technology, you can simply write in the address of your chosen destination and it will give you the instructions to get wherever you need to get to – in the language that you are the most comfortable in. If you are a total technophobe, consider purchasing a map or two or simply printing off the directions before you go on your cruise.

You can find more about transportation in different countries here.


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