Lifestyle Choice: Why Juicing Is Absolutely Disastrous for Your Health


To kick start this, I would like to mention the following; I am a stern advocate for healthier alternatives to popular junk foods and I always go out of my way to research and look beyond what is on the surface when it comes to what I put in my body. My health is very precious to me and I do my very best to take care of myself.

So, when I first heard of the term “Juicing” I believed that it had to do about, well, blending your food until it was a juice. Truth be told, my instinct was close but not quite.  Juicing is a form of dieting and it can be even taken as far as a lifestyle choice. My curiosity then peeked and there was no stopping me from pulling out my phone and looking up several trustworthy sources to learn more about this so-called “Juicing”.

What is it really about?

Juicing is essentially just an easy way to get more vegetables, legumes, and fruits into your diet. If you happen to be someone that has troubles to eat the recommended amount of this very delicious food group, this might just be the solution to your problem. Doctors actually recommend to eat two whole fruits and anything between three to four vegetables a day and to try as much as possible to choose all of those in different colors as to get a greater mix of vitamins and minerals.

Well, this sounds amazing, right? Perhaps, you see yourself trying this out or trying to give your fussy toddler a healthy smoothie or juice of various blends of fruits and that is when you need to be fully aware of the dangers if juicing is not moderated closely.

  • Missing out… on fiber

When you create a juice, regardless of your best efforts – you will lose a lot of fiber that was in the legumes, vegetables, and fruits. That is just the reality of using a juicing machine. When it extracts the juice it tends to leave behind the pulp which is quite potent in fiber.

If you are seeking to add fiber to your diet more drastically, then you would be better off simply eating the produce normally (after cleaning it with water, of course).

The only way that you can salvage some of that fiber is to add the pulp from the fruits directly into your glass. Which, if you disliked eating the produce because of the pulp, you’ll just have to deal with the reality that you are missing out on fiber.


  • How many calories

If you are trying to use juicing as a diet plan, I might be bearing some sad realities. Juicing is actually not that effective at losing the weight and keeping it off as you might have been told by others. If you implement a strict juice-only-based diet you might actually be putting on pounds as you are starving your body of essential nutrients that are not found in legumes, vegetables, and fruits.


If you have heard about juicing, you most likely have heard about detoxing and cleansing before and it can really make people feel concerned about their health and often get tricked into attempting to detox or to perform a cleanse on themselves.

Notice how I used the word tricked? There’s a great and quite simple reason for that choice; your body does not require detoxing or cleansing under any shape or form!

Yeah, you read that right. Your body is already well-equipped to “detox” and to 

“cleanse” itself with its organs and various complicated biological processes that happen internally. One of those organs is called a liver! Do not buy into juicing if you hoped that you could use it to detox and to cleanse your body, it is not an actual thing that you have to do in order to remain healthy. 

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