Love It or Hate It: Razer


If you are a gaming enthusiast, especially computer gaming enthusiast just like me you might already be very much aware of the benefits of purchasing gaming specific peripherals for your computer. A passionate “PC master-race” gamer will most definitely have at least one or two gaming-specific peripherals as they tend to improve the quality of your abilities by a considerable margin in various cases.

For the noobs

For your information, the most common gaming peripherals are headsets, keyboards, and mice.  There are a lot of peripherals and brands out there that are gaming friendly and/or gaming specific, which is great… until you realize that you have too much choice and do not really know how to choose. You can even say that the market is nearly over-saturated with these little gadgets; you can find one at nearly any price and quality point possible.

My journey

I was in that position a few years ago when I realized that I was now on a big quest towards purchasing my first ever quality gaming mouse. I only got to that point after I had grown tired of my mice constantly dying and breaking down on me mid-game (yes, I did rage-quit a few times because of this).

I knew the benefits of upgrading my mouse to a higher quality one but I couldn’t help but want to cut a corner or two in hopes of hitting the lucky jackpot (spoiler alert: I did not win the cheapest yet functioning gaming mouse lottery). One thing led to another and well, I got recommended to a brand by a friend; that brand was Razer.

In the gaming community, the brand is overall well-liked but it does have a few very vocal critics. In my own personal opinion, after having purchased a mouse and a keyboard from Razer and now possibly considering upgrading my (very, very sad) headset to a razer headset. I would like to describe in detail why Razer of all companies has earned my loyalty when it comes to gaming peripherals.

The range of products

My mind was absolutely blown away by the sheer amount of the distinctive products Razer has created over the years and the selection you had among those products on their website. At the moment of this article being written, there are a whopping 11 products on their website, that is not including the selection you have among all of those products that are currently available. They have a thing for everyone between gaming laptops, mice, and gaming optimized phones. Razer has really tapped into what gamers really want to buy.

Design and why it matters

Razer is known for its sleek, original, and RGB lit designs within the gaming community. In a way, you could say that it is their signature design. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I admit but I personally cannot deny how much better a Razer product looks like part of my gaming setup than anything else I have owned in the past.

Nearly all of their devices have diversified options to further optimize and customize your own parameters for the aesthetic and performance of the product individually. If you care about aesthetics, you are in luck as no color or pattern is impossible with Razer products.

What truly amazes me with my Razer products is that I did not lose the benefits of the performance of gaming peripherals in exchange for an over glorified glowing object.

For example, my mouse is still in nearly brand new condition even after about three years of day-to-day use. The color has not worn off, the cable has not given up on me, the colors are as bright and as responsive as they were on the day that the mouse arrived on my front door. I got to purchase and own an absolutely stunning piece of technology that did not only look good but it also felt amazing – most of the mice from Razer feel quite ergonomic.

In conclusion

I highly recommend giving Razer a try if you are looking to upgrade your gaming setup peripherals like I once was looking to do. It might be a bigger splurge than you might have anticipated but definitely worth it. You are not going to be disappointed by the performance and the aesthetics of their products.

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