Best Lifestyle blogs you need to follow in 2019


No matter how much time you are devoting to the internet, chances are you’ll be spending some of your valuable free time visiting one or two lifestyle blogs. There are many blogs out there with advice on living, beauty; décor and health but there are some that stand out-and for a very good reason. Full with useful information, top beauty tips, and lifestyle advice, here are the 10 best lifestyle blogs you should be following in 2019!

A Fashion Fix

A Fashion Fix is a popular UK lifestyle and fashion blog. Blogger and influencer Hannah Crosskey established it in 2012 initially as a hobby whilst working in Personal Shopping. After hours of researching the blog has flourished to a full-time job-and earned her some top class collaborations with brands such as Selfridges, Farfetch, Harvey Nichols, Coach, and ASOS.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is a web magazine focusing on sustainable lifestyle and eco-consciousness. Featuring categories devoted to both body and mind, it offers useful advice and tips on practically everything: from the keys to finding a more meaningful work to the chemicals hidden in cosmetics you should definitely avoid.


MY DOMAINE is a lifestyle blog focused on helping you become the better version of yourself. With Travel advice, you can’t find anywhere else, to the most popular fashion trends –and everything in between-it’s the lifestyle directory that has it all. Plus- it features a very popular section on maternity-and a baby names list!

Better Living

Better Living is a minimalistic lifestyle blog for those that search lifestyle advice with a touch of elegance and style. Since its founding in 2002, the blog has been at the forefront of digital information on style and wellness offering Travel, Food, Lifestyle, and even Health advice that are clever and fun-with almost 40.000 insta followers verifying it!

 The Blonde Salad By Chiara Ferragni

The Blonde Salad By Chiara Ferragni has an almost cult status amongst lifestyle and fashion blogs-it’s the venture of Italian influencer and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni with a following of almost 1 million devoted fans and subscribers. Focusing on fashion and style advice and with an online shop you can directly shop the featured looks, it’s the premier source for dressing inspiration that is current and relevant.


The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential is a lifestyle blog founded by blogger and influencer Lauryn Evarts that has evolved into a full-blown lifestyle magazine-and even into a Lifestyle Guide,a monthly subscription service that offers added features and recipes. Mostly focused on wellness and personal advice, it’s a great online resource for both body and mind information that matter.

Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow

Goop is the lifestyle platform founded by Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow, a fitness and gym enthusiast that shares her advice on lifestyle sectors such as wellness, mental health, cooking, and even fashion. Targeted for its controversial advice in the past, the directory still remains a complete source on useful trends and a lifestyle inspiration,


The Lifestyle Insider

The Lifestyle Insider is a site that has practically everything, from news to style advice and from celebrity updates to cooking tips and coupons. Offering separate sections on modern tech and business, it is highly popular amongst working women that search to have all-in-one.



The Every Girl is the working girl’s ultimate lifestyle resource for advice and tips ranging from dressing advice to Career profiles and useful work tips. With a solid video section that covers all lifestyle sections and an online shop to rival all others, the site offers a refreshing combination of information and entertainment. Its culture section is also a no-miss.



He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style is a popular lifestyle site focused on modern men and the definition of masculine style. Packed with useful information that makes life easier for men and offering great advice on style, dressing tips and advice-even a glossary for the fashion beginners! Covering from fashion weeks to cigars and grooming fashions, it’s a great resource for the modern man that was to be stylish and eclectic.

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