With you it’s different #Humor


I am much more me, when I am with you. Maybe it’s not about you but about the way you make me feel. I want to be with you for you make my stand out! With you its different. Yes my lovely SHOES, its time I talked about you and my love affair with you.

High heels are my favorite, with you I rule the world. When I put you ON, I transform for it’s impossible to NOT feel sexy in high heels. I feel confident, I feel assertive, and I am more ME when I am with you.

Heels 4

Heels (2).jpg

Peep-toe, what can I say love. I actually feel I speak better in my peep-toes. There is nothing a pair of peep-toe shoes can’t fix.

Flats, don’t underestimate its power. Any day is a perfect day when I am with you darling. You take care of me like none other. You are so gentle on me, you are almost my soulmate.


Wellington Boots, I am smitten by you.


Trainers, LOVE you, LOVE you NOT? Pssst! Cant make up my mind but I am limitless when I am with you. I realize my true potential with you, I climb new heights with you. I for sure CANNOT live without you.



Flip-flops, awwww!! You make my toes feel like they are on vacation. Life is definitely better in a pair of flip-flops.

Ballerinas, buddy you know you are always close to my heart. Thank you for staying so quietly tucked in my tote bag. We go together like cupcakes and frostings. There hasn’t been a dayout when I have parted with you. It doesn’t matter who I go out with, I bring YOU back to my home.

Gladiators – not for me. Period. And I never trust a women in UGLY shoes.

And don’t forget. If I ever bow my head down, it’s only to admire my shoes!! Life is short, wear pretty shoes.

I know its super tough but if you had to choose just one, which would you choose this Valentine ’s Day?

I. A bouquet of Flowers

II. Books

III. Pumps or Stilettos

Come-on, just pick one and tell me now!

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Mandavi Jaiswal is an Indian travel writer and lifestyle blogger. She writes at India’s #1 parenting site and at anUrbanNomadic. She contributes to TOI, travel columns, magazines and much more. Travelling is her healthiest addiction.

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