The top health and wellness blogs you should be following in 2019


Everybody agrees that your personal health and wellness should be a top priority-but getting the right advice for you on the web may seem a bit tricky-there are countless of blogs offering tips and tricks to choose from. Still, when it comes to health and personal wellness everything should be well-researched and accurate-not to mention easy to follow! Coming to rescue you, we are here presenting the list of the best health and wellness blogs you should definitely be following in 2019 to stay healthy and informed.

Well + Good

Well + Good is a blog that focuses on health and wellness and how these two can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on major categories such as fitness, wellness, skincare and even traveling, it provides accurate advice in a relaxed yet informative way. Make sure you visit their special series of wellness videos and also click on their Well+Good Council link to discover an army of wellness specialists that are shaping the scene.


The Balanced Blonde

The Balanced Blonde is the brainchild of blogger and wellness fanatic Jordan Younger. She started her blogging career in 2013 and her success made her a full-time blogger and later entrepreneur. Since then, she has managed to expand her blog to incorporate a book and a series of podcasts dedicated to lifestyle and fitness issues. The blog also features an online shop and a decent fashion-for-fitness fanatics section you want to miss.


SkinnyMint is a blog dedicated to those wanting a radical change in their life and wellness regime. A wellness blog focused on health and practical wellness, it also promotes their specialized line of health care products-from Super Fat Burning Gummies to Detox Tea-it’s all there. There is also a list of real-life transformations featured that will stun you-and keep you motivated!

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a published Amazon bestselling author, a philanthropist and the founder of, Australia’s largest digital site dedicated to those that try to quit sugar altogether. Her unanimous blog is a great source of information of wellness topics such as anxiety, fitness, detox and everything else that will help you promote a healthy lifestyle-and be ahead of the wellness trends. Make sure you also visit her events section where she lectures on key issues such as bipolar disorder and the future of the wellness sector.




Mindbodygreen is a huge site focused on living your life in a mindful and spiritual way. It has several categories focused on practically everything wellness-from food recipes to health, beauty and even parenting-all in a conscious way. There is also a special section on meditation where you can find advice about your yoga regime or breathing techniques that will you maximize its results-and feel energized.


The Healthy Maven

The Healthy Maven is a venture by Davida Lederle, a blogger and youtuber specialized in everything fitness and wellness. This multi-channel health and wellness platform is dedicated to women that focus on their health and wellness, searching a way to live to the fullest. The blog features specialized sections on travel and work wellness as well as several food recipes that make healthy choices taste better than ever.

Hello Healthy

Hello Health is a blog dedicated to the two fs of wellness, food, and fitness. The food section offers great healthy recipes and tips to eat better while the fitness section is focused on easy and effective exercises for all. The blog is part of an already great web community, MyFitnessPal, where users take and give advice on wellness and share their fitness regimes. There is also a special weight loss section for those that have to get back on track offering tips and advice you can actually follow.

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