5 best places to shop while in New York-for every budget!


New York City is one of the most popular travel destinations with thousands of travelers choosing to enjoy its multicultural streets and visit its monuments. It’s one of the best cities to go sightseeing and one of the best to also enjoy a shopping splurge-no matter the budget! From high-end designer shopping to alternative designers and vintage, New York is a shopper’s paradise offering many chances to find your next favorite fashion item. Here we have gathered the five top shopping spots in New York you must definitely try once-or twice!.

City chic-visit Soho

SoHo is one of New York’s most famous districts with a solid fashion reputation for smaller indie brands and subtle city chic offerings. Walk its picturesque cobblestone streets and choose from the abundance of antique shops, chic boutiques and vintage thrift shops with hidden treasures. Don’t forget to search for small scale couture fashion shops where you can find real gems and make sure you visit its book stores and fancy art galleries.

Designer chic-visit Madison Avenue

For those that can’t stay away from designer fashion but want all shops gathered in one street, Madison Avenue is the way to go. The street’s 20 over blocks are a true fashion paradise with designer shops such as Chanel, Herme’s, Prada and D&G all for your shopping pleasure. Here you will find the latest Prada designs as well as some serious European chic in Hermes and Chanel. Make sure you walk the street through the end if not for the flagship Ralph Lauren shop, then for the spectacular window display parade-it never disappoints,


Vintage chic-visit Brooklyn Flea Market

Fed up with those luxury brands and want something more alternative yet stylish? Visiting Brooklyn Flea Market is a must for those that enjoy hunting unique pieces and vintage goods. This famous flea market is full of fashion bargains and fashion treasures that will update your wardrobe and earn you style points at once. It may take a while of devoted fashion searching but you will most certainly be rewarded with an item not to be found elsewhere-and with a history of is own! Shop antique jewelry, 50s sunglasses and 60s headbands you won’t find anywhere else.



Bargain chic-visit Century 21

Century 21 is a giant shop close to Lincoln Center with massive sales and shopping bargains you simply cannot miss. Its sales range from 10 to almost 70% on designer clothing and accessories making it the ideal opportunity to grab your Kate Spade bag or Prada top. This massive shopping outlet has thousands of opportunities that range from designer sales to athletic gear offers you sometimes won’t believe. The brand’s New York shop has several roomy floors where you can enjoy the shopping opportunity without feeling you have to fight other shoppers to get the reduced item you just spotted-all that in a neighborhood that offers a selection of great after -shopping cafes

Shopping mall chic-visit Macy’s

Fancy a true luxury fashion experience but hate walking? Then Many’s New York is the go to shop. This iconic New York megastore actually covers a whole city block and has literally everything at your feet, from fashion brands to eclectic cafes and fancy restaurants. It’s a huge store that can take you a whole evening to discover all its hidden fashion gems and corner shops with fashion ideas. You may also make a break from your shopping quest and enjoy its beauty and care facilities such as spas and nails bar-and get ready for a night out afterward!

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