The best places to shop while in Paris


     Paris is one of the most popular travelling destinations for all those that love a little old world glamour experiencing a city that is proud of its rich history, full of museums and monuments worth visiting. Still, no short or longer visit to Paris can be complete without a proper shopping splurge, as Paris also holds the title of the ‘shopping capital’’ of Europe. The ‘french style’ ,a mixture of effortless elegance and casual chic is widely renowned as the epitome of fashion-and Paris has the shops to prove it. From big department stores to flea markets, there is a shopping place for every budget and every need, and the best amongst them can be discovered below:

The Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré- Rue Saint-Honoré district

     This is the place where international designer brands and French designers’ shops are gathered ready for your next shopping splurge. This neighborhood is the heart of parisian fashion full of flagship stores from brand names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes and Chanel with storefront  decorations to match. Make sure you also pay a visit to the smaller boutiques and concept stores located around the Place Vendome and don’t forget to grab your cafe-au- lait for the road.

Le Marais

     Paris is separated into several arrondissements and just around the 3rd and 4th is Le Marais, one of the best places to shop in Paris and perhaps around Europe. Here, you will find small but fashionable boutiques, modern concept stores and lively galleries as well as trendy cafes. This is a place to shop smaller brands that carry the eclectic ‘je ne sais quoi’  french essence and will contribute great quality pieces to your wardrobe. You can also buy great vintage pieces-who would love a french vintage hat?- and accessories you won’t find anywhere else.

Boulevard Haussmann

     Boulevard Haussmann is located in the very city centre of Paris offering a true local-style shopping experience. The place is marked with big department stores as well as high street brands such as the famous- and very old- Galeries Lafayette that will take you hours to explore. Here you will find more moderate price tags in brands that range from chic menswear ( the Printemps store is a must) to skincare favorites such as l’Occitane and Lush.


The Champs Elysées

     The Champs Elysees is a place you must consider visiting anyway while in Paris but for those of you that seek a true shopping experience, this place is certainly a must. A wide avenue marks a big shopping area with shopping opportunities that range from designer clothing to cosmetics and skincare. There, you can find the Louis Vuitton store, the Chanel boutique or the  big Sephora flagship and the Swarovski Retail Store for some serious jewellery vibes.

Les Halles

     For those of you that love a good shopping mall experience, the Forum des Halles is the place to be while in Paris. Formally an open market for groceries, the place has been now transformed into a pedestrian’s paradise with many bistros and cafes and a great underground shopping center you can miss. This underground shopping paradise features french brands such as Morgan, Esprit and Kookaï as well as the occasional Zara and H&M stores.

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