Be scared in Le Manoir


Le Manoir is the first enchanted show in France, the Manoir de Paris will make you live 17 Parisian legends in a prestigious residence classified as a historical monument. Become the victim of the dark stories of the Light City. A bit between a living museum and an amusement park, this haunted house develops an original interactive tour. Thirty professional comedians bring legendary characters to life in sets inspired by reality. Owned by the eponymous count, collector of monsters, the Manoir de Paris invites you to discover his unique passion. Become an actor or a victim and let yourself be carried away by your morbid experiences.

The Manoir de Paris was given a new attraction in 2016 with The Royal Hôtel Paradis, a sinister establishment worthy of the greatest horror films.

This historical monument is well known throughout Paris and in much of the world, and this is due to the fact that it keeps in its interior all the luxury of details that allow us to feel completely integrated in a gloomy and scary environment.

Different actors are in charge of giving the perfect effect and allowing us to feel authentic panic thanks to the monsters, characters taken from the same hell, murderers known in French literature and everything we can imagine.

What is clear is that Le Manoir is not a place designed for people with heart problems or who do not love fear, since the result can be unpleasant. It is also important to bear in mind that entry to children under 10 is prohibited.

Is Le Manoir really haunted?

Many visitors and some people who know the place do not hesitate to affirm it, and that is the reason why the result of this experience makes our hair stand on end, but everyone is free to think what they want and to believe in the old stories of ghosts that are distributed among the bricks of this construction.

Undoubtedly this unusual place has managed to inspire the worst nightmares we can imagine, and the only way to keep us safe from horror and fury is by not visiting it, although it is also true that we would miss the chance to enjoy an incredible experience, since not every day we have the possibility of visiting a place with so much mystery and fear among its walls.

The legends recall the story of Filiberto Aspairt, who in 1793 ventured into the catacombs of Paris and his skeleton was found only eleven years later; the surprising discovery of a Nile crocodile at the outlet of the drains on the Pont Neuf; the famous legend of the Phantom of the Opera, which happens in the year 1886 at the Garnier Opera; Another famous legend, that of the Iron Mask, reminds us of the story of a mysterious prisoner of La Bastille who hid his face behind a mask of iron or black velvet.

It also takes us to see an old Paris winery that appears in the novel “Vampire Chronicles” by the writer Anne Rice and tells the story of Lestat de Lioncourt, a French nobleman transformed into a vampire in the eighteenth century. Other mysteries are a strange death in the Paris metro, ghosts in the Père-Lachaise cemetery and in the gardens of the Tuileries, the alchemist’s library in Escrivains street, Le Lapin Agile known as “the cabaret of the murderers”, the gargoyles of Notre Dame that according to all the reports come alive during the night.

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