The 6 best places to visit while in Athens, Greece


Athens is a large metropolis and a city that is being defined by its history dating back to the 6th century BC. With archaeological sites practically everywhere; it sometimes becomes difficult for the traveler to choose one over the other to visit. Still, here are some places in Athens you just can’t miss-and here’s the list from an Athens local:

The Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens and its nearby Acropolis Museum is the place you should definitely visit while in Athens. Overlooking the city on the Acropolis Hill, the Temple of Parthenon is the most important ancient sight of the western world-and thus a must for all visitors. The temple was dedicated to goddess Athena; it symbolizes the whole of the Greek civilization and its aesthetic values.

The New Acropolis Museum

The New Acropolis Museum is indeed brand new as it first opened for visitors in2009. It’s a spectacular museum of modern architecture designed by the famous architect Bernard Tschumi. There you can find exhibits that come from the overall Acropolis area such as the famous Parthenon Sculptures, Greek pottery items as well as Roman sculptures that captivate the eye. Don’t forget to visit the museum restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine while tasting a refined version of the famous Greek cuisine.

Plaka and Anafiotika

You just can’t miss Plaka, a famous neighborhood located just under the Acropolis with picturesque cobblestone streets full of local restaurants and cafes. Here you will enjoy a frappe (iced coffee) or a large glass of retsina and then head to Anafiotika. The Anafiotika district is unexpectedly built in Cycladic architecture style and is a marvel to walk or photo-a real escapade in the very center of the city,


For the traveler that seeks an urban hype Athenian experience, the Psirri district is a must visit location. Popular amongst Greek youth, Psirri is full of trendy cafes, bars, cute restaurants, and ouzeries as well as theatres and hype galleries all at a walking distance. Visit it during the day for enjoying a cup coffee or during the night for some serious Greek nightlife experience.


Monastiraki flea market.

Most people love flea markets and the one in Monastiraki may as well be the most famous in Greece. Be clever and visit the area on a Sunday to view people selling practically everything-from vintage cds to old jewelry and even furniture. Make sure you bargain enough to get the antiques of your choice, then head to Adrianou Street to discover the local cafes and watch the market buzz unfolding.


The Temple of Poseidon

For those of you that would love a short day’s trip, the Temple of Poseidon outside Athens is the perfect daily excursion. It’s one hour ride from Athens, located at the cape of Sounio -and overlooking the Aegean Sea as Poseidon was supposed to be the God ruler of the Sea. Walk to the top and enjoy the energy of the place as well as its photo-taking advantages.

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