Find Paradise In These Beach Destinations


It’s finally summer again, and I’m sure you just can’t wait to enjoy the warmth of the beaches once again. There’s no other place like a beach during summers for the desired vacation. If you have surf and sand on your mind, then you’re probably not alone. If you enjoy beaches as much as we do, get all set to enjoy summers like never before with our countdown as we list some of the best beach destinations in the USA.

  1. Riis Beach (Jacob Riis Park), Far Rockaway, New York

This beach is popularly known as “The People’s Beach” and is extremely beautiful. It is known for the amazing art deco bathhouse and is also a well-known beach retreat. The beach is super diverse and is located extremely close to the city as well. This makes the beach a quick escape and also gives you the perfect beach vibes.

  1. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

If you are looking for a historical and quaint gateway, then do not miss on Martha’s Vineyard. It has beaten lighthouses and is also very popular for its cliffs. You can go there to sit back and relax and enjoy the best seafood. You can also do some fun activities around there such as fishing, reading and sketching. In case you’re planning to visit that place gets the summertime ferries booked in advance.

  1. Anna Maria Island, Florida

These islands are located 20 minutes away from Bradenton. This place is a complete family-friendly destination for a vacation. The place has a number of restaurants and beautiful rental houses so that you spend your time beside the beach and enjoy the breeze and the calmness beside the seashore. Anna Maria Islands are definitely one of the most famous tourist attractions in USA.

  1. South Beach, South Haven, Michigan

It is a popular beach destination of the Midwesterners and is also a fantastic summer retreat. The South Beach is well-known for the beautiful playgrounds for children and the red lighthouse. Being close to the college it also provides the students with an escape from their classes. People mostly come here to relax and get rid of all the stress.

  1. Carpinteria Beach, California

The beach of Carpinteria is appealing to the eyes. Its beauty is mesmerizing. Also, it has a number of activities which can be done to keep yourself happy. You can explore the seas or go for a rock-climbing session. Children play here by building sand castles and experiencing the beauty of the sea on boogie boards.

  1. Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores is a major tourist destination in Alabama. The place is warmed by its sunshine, culture, history and natural beauty. The beaches are a stretch of 32 miles sugar-white sand. They are the fine quartz grains which are washed down from the great Appalachian Mountains. It is the hidden gem location of America. The place also has a number of fun activities such as spot frolicking dolphins, kayaking and so on.

  1. Ogunquit, Maine

Come here during low tide, and you’ll be overwhelmed with the stretches of sand which travel far and wide. They are perfect for off-shore activities such as playing Frisbee, volleyball or building sand castles. The place is extremely relaxing and is also an extremely famous spot for families.  You can also get cooked mouth-watering lobster in the beach restaurants. It also has a cliff house which is as old as 145 years and has got a multimillion-dollar refresh in the year 2018.

  1. Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts

The beach lies in the north of Boston and has an ample of picture-perfect locations. You can go for long walks on the seashores on low tides as well as climb the rocks situated along the Anisquam River.

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